Why to keep gas cylinder outside kitchen? These safety precautions MUST have taken, if cylinder is kept in kitchen

Summary of topics covered in Video

Video summary with all you need to know why keeping gas cylinder outside kitchen is MUST for safe use of LPG gas cylinder at home. Checklist to find ideal location is shared. Also shared key safety precautions to be taken, if you kept gas cylinder in kitchen.

Ideally cylinder should be kept away from kitchen in well ventilated area and connect to gas stove through a sleeved copper pipe (spec inside) with shut-off valves at both ends. View it to know all you need to learn about installation and handling of the domestic gas cylinder for maximum safety.

Detailed article Link – https://hi.switchy.io/1CBU

Can we keep the LPG gas cylinder in kitchen?

details in the video

Why locating the right place to keep Gas cylinder is important?

details in the video

What are the preferred locations to keep LPG cylinder at home?

details in the video

What if you do not have a space other than kitchen to keep the LPG cylinder? (MUST Dos)

details in the video

What all the safety precautions you must have at home associated to LPG use?

details in the video

How to connect the cylinder and gas stove when both are located in different locations?

details in the video

Copper pipe (Option-1) Vs. Stainless-steel pipe (Option-2)

details in the video

Other key notes for piping work to connect LPG cylinder and Gas stove

details in the video

Specifications of standard domestic gas cylinder used in India

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2 reasons to keep Gas cylinder outside kitchen
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