Safe cookware material – Best type cookware to avoid allergy?

Safe cookware material – Best type cookware to avoid allergy?

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Watch the 3 minutes video you to gain the insight quickly. Only essential information covering every aspect of the selection of the right cookware is included.

Cast Iron
Pros Efficient heating Need less oil to cook Long life span Efficient heating
Economical Light weight Adds iron to food Long life span
Light weight Easy to clean Less expensive No reaction with food
Cons Aluminium (AL) leaches to food especially when acidic food is cooked or stored. AL over exposure is not good for health. Overheated &/ overused non-stick coating decompose visibly or invisibly and mix with food causing serious health hazard It reacts with acidic food and give metallic taste

Heavy & need proper care.

Need more oil to cook as food can stick. People allergic to Nickel should use only 200 or 400 series SS cookware. Expensive.

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