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The purpose of this post is to share my experience in using Google Home as Home Automation controller and digital photo frame.  

Google Home Hub – Home Automation Controller and a great Digital Photo frame

Google Home Hub is the best digital smart photo frame ever, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any other capabilities. It can perform key functions much more than you can imagine, as it performs variety of tasks and acts as true digital companion.

Because of its integration with Google photos, it becomes easy to scroll through thousands of photos and one – time setup. This is why it is the best digital photo frame for Home.

If you keep it at a prominent place in your living room, when you’re in your living room, it will certainly give you a different feeling. This is accomplished through Google Photos coordination with this smart performing multiple tasking gadget. You can set the photo change duration predefined. Truly, the home’s best digital photo frame.

Google Home review

Google Home Hub as an Intelligent Assistant

Note that this smart gadget’s primary function is not a photo frame. It has a lot of skills that can be controlled through natural English language. Few of the key functions are given below other than acting as a Best Digital Photo Frame.

You can place this living room or at your work table, making it a masterpiece to attract the attention of visitors in addition to acting as an Assistant. It can be kept at your table in bedroom as it can act as a Digital Clock. It doesn’t have an integrated camera for you to worry about the privacy. If you want to stream your security camera, however, you can connect via wireless to an external camera.

Note that this smart device do not have an inbuilt battery. Power input cannot be given from regular Micro USB or Type-C USB connectors. Note that the given power adapter cannot be substituted with smart phone USB charger as it need  much higher power input.

Google Home Hub Power adapter input & Output specifications are as given below.

Adapter Input = 2 PIN Plug. 100V to 240V AC, Barrel connector.

DC output from adapter connected to Google Home Hub as given in below photo = 14V DC, 1.1A.

Google Home Hub - No battery - 12V DC input

Following are the most useful features of Google Home Hub I would like to list

  1. Great feature – Integrate the compatible devices and operate by voice. At my home, I integrated Google Home with Samsung Smart TV, Digital Infrared universal remote to control infrared remote controlled Tata Sky DTH Set-Top-Box, Fan, LED Lights, 
  2. Play music & videos  and set alarm on voice command.
  3. Information display
  4. Cast videos on TV when integrated with Google Chromecast or supporting smart televisions.
  5. Control compatible smart devices
  6. Stream Youtube or even your security camera
  7. Search & get answer via voice command from the internet
  8. Day Calendar Display 

Although Amazon Echo Show is an alternate option, cost for it is much high than Google Home Hub.

Refer to the website of Google product page for complete feature list of this smart unit. For product specifications refer Google’s product information page.

Digital photo frame - Google Home Hub review

Google Home Hub as Information Display

How to get one?

Try purchasing the Google Home Hub in the U.S. and shipping to India by someone who is traveling. Normal price in the United States is $ 149 + tax. But it comes down to $ 90 + tax during the offer period.

You can get even at a further discounted price when you buy 2 unit bundled offer from Cosco. As Cosco need membership, find someone who have the Cosco membership.

Disclaimer– Through this blog, I share my understanding and experience. Every effort is made to avoid errors. It is not possible to rule out chances of error, however. If you try any ideas or tips given this Blog, it is solely on your risk. I won’t be liable, if you suffer any loss or damage.

If you notice any error or have constructive suggestions, please notify me. You are also welcome to share the general remarks. Your feedback will help for continuous improvement of the content. Thank you for your visit to my Blog Home Page.

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